Best food in Torino Italy

Not only is Torino (Turin) endowed with beautiful alpine mountains and breathtaking green hills and valleys, this historic city is also home to a very rich assortment of gastronomic traditions. The city lined with restaurants, pizzerias, osterias, and trattorias is the home of some of the best foods in Italy.Torino has greatly influenced the food traditions of Italians including the style of serving meals in separate courses and the Slow Food concept. Visitors get to enjoy a great variety of delicious cuisines prepared from high-quality locally-sourced fresh produce. Among other attractions, foodies can partake in the annual “CioccolaTo” chocolate festival and the biannual Slow Food conferences–“Terra Madre” and “Salone del Gusto”. Below are some of the best foods in Torino Italy.

Starters Dishes — Torino’s Appetizers

Some favorite antipasti you might want to try in Torino include the local Antipasto Misto, locally baked breadsticks (Grissini), delicious roast veal in tuna mayonnaise (Vitel Tonne), a blend of small creamy cheeses served with chili (Tomini), and Anchovies (marinated or served in a green sauce, yellow and red peppers with Banga Cauda or cold cuts) among others.

Pasta and Rice Meals — Torino’s Primi

Many restaurants offer a great tantalizing combo of pasta and rice meals. Piedmontese pasta meals are among the best foods in Torino Italy. Try some minced lamb stuffed Ravioli (Agnolotti) or the mini Agnolotti del Plin served in a meat broth, Tajarin served with Ragu, and rice or pasta served with Tartufo d’Alba. You should also taste the several risotto combinations including Risotto al Barolo, Risotto Alla Milanese served with saffron, and Risotto al Funghi served with Porcini mushrooms. You can also enjoy your risotto with fresh veggies, locally produced cheeses, and fish.

Meat, Fish, Mushroom Cuisines — Torino’s Secondi

These meals are prepared to satisfy meat lovers with a combination of chicken, veal, offal and pork, fruits and desserts fried in fat. Carne Crude (similar to beef tartare) is also present on several menus. You can also enjoy a plate of tasty Cherasco grown Lumache (snails) usually served with tomatoes, garlic, and an olive oil sauce, Sautéed mushrooms, and Zucchini in Carpione. Also available are various delicious fish-based cuisines including Anchovies, Baccal (salt cod), herring, and sardines, to name a few as well as Finanziera (a grain-meat combination cooked in fat and pickles with mushrooms, Marsala, and butter).

Cheeses, Chocolates, Drinks and Desserts

You can also choose from the variety of cheeses available in Torino including Stracchino (white soft creamy cheese),Robiola (sweet delicate cheese that is often preserved in oil), Toma (light semi-hard cheese made from cow milk), Fontina (rich tasty mountain cheese gotten from Aosta valley), Raschera (cheese made from a blend of milk from Monferrato cows, goats and sheep), Castelmango, and Seirass (a Piedmontese Ricotta).

Not interested in aperitifs?

Then you can try some important chocolates in the city including Baratti and Milan, Peyrano, Guido Gobino, Streglio, fatish, Stratta, and Venchi. Take a glass of Piedmontese red such as Barbera, Dolcetto, and Nebbiolo or a local white like Erbaluce, Arneis, and Favorita.

To conclude your culinary journey, Torino offers a wide range of delicious options for desserts. Among others, the several blends of Gelati (ice creams), delicious Torta di Mele (apple cake), Hazelnut cake, Bonet (pudding cooked in cocoa and amaretti), Sorbetti (lemon or apple sorbets with or without vodka), caramel sauce topped Panna Cotta, and Zabajone (cream made of sugar, egg yolk, cinnamon, and wine – usually either Moscato or Marsala) are the favorite desserts of many Italians.

Bon Appetit People!