Best of Italian Nightlife


When visiting Italy, it is definitely a unique experience. The daytime is ideal for tourists and families of all ages to sightsee, enjoy great Italian food and beautiful art, and to take in as much history as possible. However, at night, anywhere you go in Italy, it is sure to be an experience that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. From nightclubs and bars to outdoor events, Italian nightlife is perfect for singles who want to have a good time and couples who want to enjoy a night out together. There is something for everyone to get into at night in Italy. Here is some of the best Italy has to offer at night!


Milan is known for being the capital of fashion and business in Italy, but it is also the city with the biggest nightlife! Milan offers a wide range of cultural and night entertainment for everyone. From appetizers to fashion design and the biggest disco parties you’ve ever seen, Milan is a cultured city that never sleeps. Nightlife in Milan begins with happy hour, a tradition born in Italy that has been exported all over the world. It ends late at night in numerous bars, pubs, and clubs around the city. The vibe is elegance and sophistication, where exclusive chic locals are running around and there are always celebrities, professional athletes, and models who frequent the area to have fun and be seen. Bars and clubs are open everyday of the week, but the best days to visit are Wednesday thru Saturday, where one drink can typically cost you about 10 euros. The Hollywood is one of Milan’s most happening clubs, where theme parties are the norm and live music is always taking place. Also, Dolce & Gabbana’s club Gold is a restaurant and cocktail bar where you can rub shoulders with celebrities. The place is dripping in gold from the floor to the ceiling. If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to having a ball in Milan, the social centres offer music, concerts, and entertainment for very cheap and sometimes free admission.


Nightlife in Rome is vibrant and is perfect for people who love to have a good time and enjoy great food and wine. Piazza Navona has several nice wine bars and cafes for the night owls. The Testaccio area is filled with bars, pubs, clubs, and salsa discos, as well as other hot spots to keep you entertained. Romans usually like to hit the party scene around midnight because that’s when things are just heating up. During the summer, many of Rome’s nightclubs close down in favor of the festivals that take place around the cities. Another inviting aspect of Rome is the amount of casinos that are in town. The casinos are where many locals and tourists go at night for a good time and great food and drinks. If you are not able to visit the Italian casinos, you can still find variety of slot games online from pretty much any part of this great location since WiFi is usually readily available.



Florence is known to the world as being the capital of Renaissance art and for its culture and architecture, but don’t be fooled, Florence knows how to part and is also home to some of the coolest nightclubs in Italy. Florence is perfect for hanging out at night and spending time with friends. Florence nightlife doesn’t usually get into full swing until about 11 p.m., because party-goes party all night. The club scene is very diverse and there is something for everyone. Fans that adore electronic music have fallen in love with Space Electronic, which is one of the liveliest clubs in the city. If you’re looking for a more casual nighttime experience, where the vibe is fun and relaxed, The Blob Club is the place to be. It boasts an art-house look with dancing and traditional Italian music. Once of the sexiest, most trending clubs in Italy is Twice, which offers dancing, the best DJ’s, neon lights, and affordable drinks for everyone. You can find everyone who’s anyone there.


Venice is a very classy area of Italy where tourists spend all day walking around and sightseeing. After a long day of walking and after you’ve had dinner, you may be wondering what nightlife is like in the area. Well, don’t fret because Venice has you covered. Venice’s bar scene is much different from anywhere else in Italy, or the world. The best bars and clubs are found far from the hustle and bustle of the main attractions, so you’re going to want to get out and wander to find them. Bacaro Jazz is a no cover jazz club that has some of the best cocktails and is the latest kitchen open in all of Venice. So, if you’re a night owl who loves eating late, this is the place to be. 947 Club is both a restaurant and lounge with a live DJ and some of the best drink concoctions found in the area. There are also plenty of spots to dance the night away with friends very close by. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, there are numerous restaurants open late where you can enjoy a delicious meal served up with a glass of Italian wine.