Chocolate Lover’s Paradise in Italy’s Quaint Town

The 2006 Olympic put Torino on the map of places you must visit. The gorgeous city is known for its world figure skating championships and the thriving metro life that it offers. Many people in Europe merely visit Turin in the hope of having a good time and away from their normal lifestyle. The city is strategically situated in the northern side of Italy and is home to the ever famous Shroud of Turin. While there is a tiny bit of everything for everyone in Turin, recent experiences have shown a burst of chocolatiers in Turin attracting visitors to their quaint little stations around the city. Chocolate lovers can buy a ticket for as little as 12 euros and experience several chocolate shops in the area. They are handed booklets with information about the different chocolate shops that they can experience on the tours when they sign up at the start too. AT present there are roughly 15 famous chocolatiers who are littered throughout the city. They hand out samples of candy and hot chocolatey drinks along with small bites of cake for their patrons.

What Is Special About Turin’s Chocolate

For those who know little about Turin, there is much more than meets the eye, especially when considering the creations that originate from the City. There is a certain mystical history in the creating of ‘Cicolate’ – Turin’s chocolate. The secret art in the creation of this kind of chocolate is one which has been passed down from centuries in Turin. It started back in the 16th century when chocolate was first imported into Italy and was famous in the courts of Charles V. For nearly a century; the dark gold was only available in the courts of the king, and the public was not allowed to access it. Thanks to their love for chocolate, the modern world can experience Nutella today. Every piece of chocolate concoction is a crowd favorite and is one of the most popular buys in Turin. The best by far is the sweet creation called ‘Bicerin’ which you must taste if you want to experience all the sweetness the place has to offer.

Signing Up with A Tour Agency

Several tour agencies offer the chocolate tours as part of their itinerary. The tours are usually booked online or in person at the kiosks around town. On the day of the visit, the patrons are walked around the magical city to experience and find tidbits of information about the ancient city and what it has to offer. Fine chocolate is a perk on these tours. There are several masterpieces you will be able to witness while you couple a site seeing tour along with a chocolate one.

If there is one thing about the chocolate experience in Turin, they take it very seriously. The tours are usually in the form of workshops and bakeries that people can participate in if they wish to. The pastries and chocolate bites are succulent and the melt-in-your-mouth variety. The convenience is that you can walk away from the calories that you consume in chocolate with their half day walk tours.