Combining your Love for Food and Skiing in Italy

Ski resorts are in plenty throughout Italy. Those who love skiing often look for that value addition that they can find apart from a day of skiing. The value addition usually lingers around the food offerings hat the resort can provide. A unique experience for a seven-day ski and food experience is listed below for those to wish to indulge in both their love for food and some ski sports.

Day 1

The Alpine village of Courmayeur is the place where you must start your expedition. One of Europe’s highest mountains lie here and is the best place to start a ski adventure on. The Valle d’Aosta is one of the classic places you must visit for a skiing adventure. The food is just as excellent as the ski experience at the town of Courmayeur. The village shopping experience is unique for those interested to take away a little souvenir from the place too. The chalet style buildings and hotels to stay at compliment the day perfectly.

Day 2

If you are one for some private cooking classes, then your second day on the culinary tour is bound to be fantastic. Several Michelin star chefs provide cooking classes for those interested in wiping up some food with their families or partners. The ski experience here is at the summer of Cresta d’Arpa. The location is famous for its off-piste skiing experiences. Those who want to ski here have to have an intermediate level in skiing.

Day 3

No food tour is every complete without some wine and alcohol trail attached to it. The Maison Anselmet Winery is about 30-minute drive from the town of Courmayeur and is an excellent place to get some wine into your bellies along with some lip-smacking food. Those who have little experience in skiing or no experience will be happy to enjoy some guided skiing experience here.

Day 4

On-Mountain lunches and dinners with Mechlin star chefs are a promise if you visit the 20 restaurants in Courmayeur. The best restaurants you must visit here are:

  • Chiecco
  • Maison Vielle
  • Christiania
  • Chauimere Pizzeria, and
  • Chez Croux

Guided skiing classes can happen on day four as well. After all, it takes a few tries and experience to get better at the sport. Don’t be wary, by the time you leave you should be able to handle a set of skis like a pro.

Day 5

Guided skiing lessons come to an end of this day, and you should be happy with your performance on the slopes. To celebrate your finish, make sure that you head to the town of Mont Blanc for some amazing snowmobile mountaintop restaurant favs. The moonlight shining across the Alps is a sight you don’t want to miss while you sip on delicate wines and indulge in delicious food. 

Day 6 and Day 7

Pack your stuff and go to the airport and head-over to Milan to continue on your experience of skiing and food. Milan is known for some of the best of everything Italian. The food and skiing experiences are packed with enough sights to see and places to experience. The lifestyle of the city is sure to shake your pockets clean too. So be prepared to make it worthwhile before you end your skiing and food adventure.