Cute cafés in torino italy

Drinking coffee in Italy is more of a right rather than a pleasant way to start the day, to the extent that the Italian government regulates the price of coffee. If you order and drink a coffee in Torino, it is always going to be for a low price regardless of how fancy or luxurious the café is. Torino, located in the northern region of Piedmont is widely known for its restaurant and good coffee. There are several cafés all around the city, and everybody have their favorite. Whether you are an amateur of cocktails and wines or you are a cafes-lover, Torino offers a lot of variety of cocktail and coffee bars depending on your taste. Here are some of the cutest cafes in Torino.


With different bronze statues standing perfectly over well-dressed windows with the beautiful tone at Baratti & Milano, the grand café takes up a corner of the Turin’s Galleria Subalpina. The place has been an embodiment of café luxury ever since the late 19th century, and it depicts the triumph of gilded upholstery, wooden panels, chandeliers, shiny mirrors and green marbles. Hot chocolate is the reigning coffee in Beratti and Milano with velvety and bittersweet so dense that it can stand without having a cup. Baratti is even known to sell an already made mix you can enjoy anywhere although you don’t get to enjoy the luxury from home. Instead, you can enjoy your chocolate in the café and take home bags of sweets, and creamy gianduitti, hazelnut flavored chocolate is also available from the wooden counter by the entrance.


T club lounge bar has an evolved atmosphere, beautiful lights, and comfortable leather couches. The Café is renowned in the well known Quadrilatero area of Turin offering personalized drinks and coffee, cocktails a la carte with the best first choice ingredient. Every cocktail and drink well presented with fruits available on the side. During the evenings of summer, you can enjoy cocktails outside the Bar as part of Torino’s night-life.


The café is dark, minuscule and atmospheric. It was the favorite of Opera singer Benedetto Gigli who usually visit the place to refresh is throat and mouth anytime he’s rehearsing near Teatro Regio, and it has not changed much since then. They have antique mirrors lining the walls, wooden panels surrounding marble tables. Baristas Jackets and bow ties are behind the fascinating taste of the coffee behind a tiny counter, and there is a dance between the wooden chairs trays in hand to serve silver handled glasses and demitasses to the crowds. The Mulassano espresso is the people’s favorite and one of the best in town with the creamy, aromatic, powerful and their bickering that overflows a strong coffee with a refreshing mix of either vanilla flavored meringue icing or cream is just as good.


Café Palazzo is also the people’s favorite in the center of Turin. Located on the left side of the primary entrance of Palazzo Reale (The Royal Palace) behind an arcade. It is one of the new arrivals but is around the library of the palace, and it is with chandlers and dark wood paneling. The shelves once used for books in the Royal Library are now displaying beautiful antique dinnerware.