Fantastic Skiing and Snow Activities in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia is a charming mountain town found in Susa Valley, West Piedmont, Italy. The town is surrounded by a sunny forest and has the atmosphere of entirely dissimilar to other mainstream ski resorts. In Bardonecchia, there are cobbled streets, historic chapels, and hamlets in the vicinity. It has maintained its beauty as one of the best ski resorts in Italy since the beginning of the 20th century. Bardonecchia is very accessible with bus services efficiently available for guests and tourists. The nearest airport, Turin airport, is just an hour’s drive away while Milan airport can be reached after a 2-hour drive. Bardonecchia also has its own train station as well with direct trains to and from Milan as well as the international train linking Paris to Rome.

Skiing Activities in Bardonecchia

There are several ski areas available. The three that are covered by Bardonecchia’s lift pass include the Mezelet, the Colomion-Les Arnauds, and the Jafferau. The largest among these three is the Colomion-Les Arnauds whose area also leads off into the sloping and wide runs of the Mezelet. Bardonecchia is not only for people experienced in skiing; they also have provisions for beginners. The beginner’s slopes can be found near the edge of the main centre. Here they can learn to familiarise themselves with the sensations and skills needed in skiing. There is varied terrain that individuals new to skiing can experience and practice on. For intermediate level skiing, the Jafferau mountain offers an exhilarating scale with a height of 2,807 meters.

Expert level skiing can be enjoyed as well in the Bardonecchia-Fregiusia, and Trampolino runs. In these areas, proficient skiing is needed to traverse through the untamed diamond forest trails between the tall pine trees. In Mezelet, there is a Snowpark that is subdivided into five separate parks, each with their own amusements and features for guests to enjoy, and each one is accessible via modern chairlift. The Eagle Park has equipment like rails, boxes, and kickers for boarders and skiers. The Lynx Park is offered explicitly for skiers that like to perform tricks at 1,850-meter heights.

Restaurants and Cafes in the Vicinity

There are many restaurants, cafes, and bars in Bardonecchia. One of these is the Lalimentaru Multicafe that is open all day. Visitors after the local cuisine will definitely enjoy their handmade cheeses, polenta, and meat dishes from the game caught in the mountains. There is the Garage bar, an American-styled bar where children could enjoy as well, and the Bar Miretti for sipping fragrant Italian coffee and munching on delicious Italian pastries. There are also chalet-style restaurants like the one in Pian del Sole called La Grangia.

Here they serve homey Italian meals with locally grown vegetables, potato, and meat dishes. There is a nearby pizzeria as well called the Pizzeria I Cusiné which serves not only pizzas but also pasta, meat dishes, and fondues. The skiing season for Bardonecchia begins in December and ends in April. Even though the mountains are filled with snow, visitors can still enjoy the sun and Bardonecchia’s sunny skiing during these winter months. The peak season where most tourists flock to the mountain town is between the beginning of February up to March.