Folgarida and Marilleva – Skiing Adventures in Italy

Folgarida and Marilleva is a popular destination for tourists from around the world when they visit Italy. It can cater to a person’s wish to have a day of thrills as well as a fun vacation with the family. The resorts are well known for its range of slopes and varying levels of difficulty in ski slopes and courses. There is over 53 km of runs which are skiable throughout the whole season, due to the introduction of an efficient artificial snow system. This system not only stops the slopes from degrading but also ensures that your holiday never ends, and the fun never stops either. The ski destination is also serviced and provides its guests and visitors with twenty-seven of the most ultra-modern and extremely efficient ski lifts.

The Geographically Perfect Slopes

Surrounded by an impressive view of the Ademello-Presanella mountain chain, Folgarida and Marilleva consist of 34 perfectly groomed and cared for ski slopes. Nineteen of the slopes are dedicated to beginners and are deemed to be fairly simple to complete, 10 of the slopes are medium in difficulty and are made for intermediate level skiers who want a thrill. Five slopes are made for those who are advanced and are higher in experience in skiing under pressure. Each of the slopes are designed for different skill sets and can be a fun way to waste the day with your family and friends during vacation.

The whole resort consists of over 62 km of ski runs, which means that you can go an entire day without king down the same slope that you have attempted before. For those who did not get a chance to complete their goal for the day, there is a chance to ski at night under floodlights. This not only adds to the magical factor of the day but also helps to make the most of your day and take it nice and slow while enjoying the views of the sunset and the snowfall. The views in this particular resort are said to be breath-taking. Due to the geographical location of the whole resort, the sights provided range from the snow-capped mountains to the high cliffs and steep slopes of the hillsides.

Other Activities – Ski Related

At Folgarida and Marilleva, there are many activities that one can participate in. One of the most popular things to do includes an activity known as ski mountaineering. This specific activity is well known for its long tradition, which consists of sightseeing while moving through the valley and seeing all the hotspots and destinations alongside the valley. Another more popular activity is cross-country skiing. This activity offers exemplarily groomed ski tracks that can be used for beginners as well as more tracks that can be used for more experienced and advanced skiers. Not only is the whole trip and the resort itself immensely affordable for a family, but it is also very upscale and provides more than that your tradition ski resort offers in general. This makes it not only a popular destination but also a must-try if you want to try somewhere new for once in a while.