Luxury and Skiing Equals A Unique Adventure – Skiing in Italy

Italy is one of the best destinations for luxury lovers. The ski resorts of Italy only help with the ‘luxurious’ status. The ski resorts are glamorous and massive, and with the natural beauty that Italy has, all these resorts seem perfectly placed.

Some of the Best Luxury Resorts in Italy

  • Courmayeur – For the people of Milan, Courmayeur is one of the best weekend spots. As a dream destination for every shopper, it has every top brand showroom inside. If you are looking to take back a souvenir, you can’t look past the Courmayeur scarf. Courmayeur has much to offer even the non-shopper. Many people visit the venue just to dine at one of the many fabulous restaurants. The spas and dance clubs can keep you busy and entertained throughout the day and night. Even if all you love is plain-old skiing, you’re in for a treat. From the most breathtaking views to world-class skiing facilities, ‘Courm’ has it all.
  • Corvara – Most famous for its ski safari, Corvara has a distinctive vibe to it. The old churches all along the way, give you that calm, holiday vibe. Ski Safari consists of mountain hut tours and fabulous restaurants. Boutiques are also there in this world-class resort, to provide you with more options to enjoy. From five star hotels to world-class restaurants, this resort stands with no competition.
  • Ortisei – Located in the Dolomites, Ortisei’s wood carvings are famous in all of Italy and beyond. From local handmade products to old jewelers, it is a haven for art lovers. Even with these old school artistry, it doesn’t compromise on big brands, the tourist can find anything artisan here. Of all its qualities, the wine this place produces is on the top of the list. It has got some of the most fantastic wines in Italy. But to enjoy its 175 km ski region, you might have to compromise on all other activities.
  • Champoluc – Even after being in the secluded area of the Ayas Valley, Champoluc can mesmerize all your senses with its stunning beauty. You can relax and enjoy its world-class spas and soak up its wild attraction. The skiing here is one of the most thrilling and adventurous experience you can ever have in all of Italy. To thoroughly enjoy the Champoluc lifestyle, you should get a guide and can also spend on a fancy heli-drop, as it has one of the most complex terrains in the world. Local cafes and restaurants are in plenty, and you must visit the local cafes for the full sensation of the locale.

These are some of the world’s best ski resorts that is unique to Italy. If you are an avid skiier, you should definitely consider a visit to at least one of these resorts in your lifetime. Leaving with a sense of immense fulfillment is a guarantee. It is true what they say about adventure; when mixed with luxury, it can leave people spellbound.