Northern Italian Dishes to Try

Northern Italy is known for its collection of delicious traditional dishes, acquired from its neighbor countries Slovenia, Switzerland, France, and Austria is made up of eight prominent provinces. The various mountains, coastline, rivers, lakes and green farmland found in northern Italy offers it, its unique collections of food ingredients ranging from fresh seafood to healthy animals as meat and alpine cheese to stuffed pasta. With all these reserves, northern Italy is a rewarding play to explore!

Aosta Valley, Fontina Cheese

Aosta Valley found in northern Italy is a small region comprised mostly of mountains and constitutes part of the Alps very close to France, Switzerland, and Austria. Despite the difficulty of crops to survive at such altitude, the region is known for its production of large livestock due to its verdant pastures.  After winter, herd’s men bring the animals to graze here, Formaggio d’arpeggios such as fontina are made throughout summer. Fontina is a very sweet chip used with fondue in addition to white truffle shaving.

Piedmont, Antipasti

Antipasti is a famous collection of dishes from Piedmont, is a variety of foods served hot such as special Fiori di Zucca ripieni made from pumpkin, courgetti (squash flowers), spiced with meat, parmesan, and deep-fried parsley. And cold served fine slices of veal alongside tuna-garnished mayonnaise and capers knew as Vitello Tonnato.

Emilia-Romagna, Zucca Tortelli

Culinary art of Emilia-Romagna is a combination of Byzantine and Lombard traditions. This province is known generally throughout Italy for Parmigiano Reggiano, prosciutto di Parma (unique to parma), and balsamic vinegar (from Modena and Reggio). Tortelli is also known throughout the region and many wonderful collections of dishes you can give a try. Zucca Tortellini that got its origin from the rebirth of pumpkins from America is prepared with fresh pasta embedded with sweet pumpkin filling, coated with sage sauce and butter and finished with crumblings of amaretto.

Liguria, Pesto Bianco (White Pesto)

The city of Genoa, the coastal region of Liguria, is generally known for pesto Genovese, green paste and quickly prepared pasta a favorite for all. The white pesto (pesto Bianco) is not as popular as the former. The richly prepared sauce is made from a blend of walnuts, fresh ricotta, and olive oil preferably served along corzetti, disc-like shaped Ligurian pasta.

Lombardy, Panettone

A famous Christmas delicacy is known all over Italy but had its origin from Milan. The dome-shaped cake is preferably taken for breakfast with coffee, or immediately after dinner or launch with a chilled glass of juice. The cake is flavored with candied fruits and oranges peel that makes each bite remarkable. Panettone is mostly produced in large scale in Italy; however, there are still several bakers and confectioners who bake the original traditional recipe at Milan.

Northern Italy is filled with an abundant amount of delicious and unique foods and dishes. Next time you are on your Italian adventure you should try out these tasty foods! These are the best out there too!