What to See in Torino City Italy

Torino city in Italy offers to visitors a perfect combination of architectural and monumental jewels, museums (over 40), art galleries, and entertainment. There are several places to visit and it has lots of tourist attractions. It’s a city full of discoveries that are worth seeing. Below are some places to see in Torino city when you visit Italy.

Palazzo Madama

The civic museum of ancient art, settled in Palazzo Madama, is a very beautiful fortress castle. Thousands of objects that are preserved in the beautiful setting of the palace shows centuries of Italian and European artistic production. The floors are decorated with arts from all periods. The ceramics, ivories, textiles, and glasses all to the beauty of Palazzo Madama and makes it an attractive place to see in Torino Italy.

Piazza Castello

Found at the centre of Torino in Italy, Piazza Castello it has a pedestrian area with beautiful foundation and grand buildings. The Via Po is an interesting walking street with long arcades and many historic palaces and cafes to visit and explore.

Gam Museum of Torino

It is considered one of the European capitals of art. Torino was the first Italian city to promote public collections of modern arts. The gallery of modern and contemporary arts has a collection of over 47,000 works that includes paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, drawings, and engravings from the 1800s to the present. It also has one of the most important European collections of movies and video artist.

The Cathedral and the Holy Shroud

This Holy Shroud was built between 1492 and 1498 with its main tourist attraction being the Santa Sindone. The holy shroud is possibly the most studied and controversial artefact in the world.

Mole Antonelliana

This building is a beautiful tower built between 1798 and 1888. It houses an excellent cinema museum and has a panoramic lift that takes you up to the top of the tower to view the city properly.

Museo Egizio

This big Egyptian museum is worth seeing and visiting. It is housed in a huge baroque palace which also contains the Galleria Sabauda with house collections of historic paintings.

Piazza San Carlo

It is also known as the “drawing room of Turin”, it is a beautiful baroque square that has the twin churches of San Carlo and Santa Cristina. It also has a museum.

Castle and Park of Valentino in Torino

Valentino park is close to the city centre where the beautiful river park of Valentine is located. The park is popularly known for jogging and cycling lovers.

Historic Coffee Houses to See in Torino Italy

Torino was one of the cities in Italy to accept a café society. Some great historic cafés to see in Torino Italy include Caffè Fiorio, Al Bicerin, Baratti & Milano, Caffè Mulassano, Caffè San Carlo, and Caffè Torino to name a few. Many cafés do not only serve hot drinks, ice-cream, pastries, and alcoholic drinks, they also serve foods, appetizers, and evening aperitive.

Il Quadrilatero building

This building in Torino city is surrounded by wonderful streets, sprawling markets, and churches. This is also a good place to move around. Elegant, historic bars and cafes are seen in central Torino. They also have local drinks made with coffee, chocolate, and cream that are full of good taste