Where to Stay in Torino Italy

Torino, or Turin, is among the cities that are endowed with cultural history in Italy. It is well known for the shroud of Turin, an essential Christian artefact and also fiat auto plants. Being Italy’s first capital, Torino is still a centre of commerce within the nation and the European Union. Despite not having a tourist industry like Venice, Rome and other parts of Italy, you can explore the magnificent mountains and valleys that contribute its beauty. Although trains and buses are means of transportation for the people of Torino, there is a small airport with flights to Europe. Torino’s major railway station, Porta Nuova, serves trains from Milan which has an airport with flights to the United States. Torino has a wide network of vehicles that run from morning till night they also have electric mini busses in the city centre. Torino in the north west of Italy is one of the largest cities in the country and offer lots of beautiful places to stay. The city is replete with cafes, architectural wonders, arcades and shopping promenades, museums, restaurants, and five-star hotels. Below are some great hotels to stay in Torino Italy.

Principi Di Piemonte Hotel

With lots of modern beautiful rooms, spacious marble-designed bathrooms, free breakfast buffet, free internet connections, and a friendly staff, Principi Di Piemonte Hotel is a good place to stay in Torino Italy. Just 6 minute-walk from the Museo Egizio, the hotel offers a calm environment to relax from other activities. Also available is a spa and a bar with outdoor seating during warmer months.

Grand Sitea Hotel

Located near the train station in the city centre, Grand Sitea Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels to stay in Torino city. It provides luxurious relaxation experience with modern amenities and an affable staff. The various upscale rooms, elegant upgraded rooms, and sophisticated suites each has free Wi-Fi connection along with their special features. Its restaurant is well decorated for lunch and dinner.

Residence Sacchi Hotel

Situated close to the Porta Nuova train station, it is well suited for those visiting Torino for business or tourism. The modern finished apartments are spacious and well-kept with free Wi-Fi connection and a large living area. The members of staff are welcoming and sociable. There is private parking space too. For those coming for business, the Suites offer office areas and whirlpool tubs.

Best Western Plus Hotel Genova

Genova hotel is a 19th-century building located next to the train station with modern facilities and accommodation. Air conditions are installed in rooms and they also have Wi-Fi connections. Also provided is a fitness centre, hot tub, breakfast and cocktail lounge.

Parco Sassi Hotel

This is a good hotel to stay in Torino city because of its proximity to the bank. It is a modern hotel with a fitness centre, beautiful gardens for relaxation and spacious rooms. The affable staff members are always ready to assist customers, the rooms are provided with air-conditions and Wi-Fi network. They also provide breakfast as well as bike rentals and parking space.